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Hand Me Down Dog Rescue was established in 2016, when a red shelter Australian Cattle Dog came into my life. I have always been enchanted by these working dogs, how smart they are, their high energy, and how loyal they become with their people. As a child I was always rescuing animals, and have been drawn to them. As we do mainly focus on working breeds, we do take in other breeds that need help. I spend a lot of time making sure I find these dog's the right fit for them. They normally need active lifestyles, and someone to challenge their smart brain. Working dogs are not for everyone, and you must provide exercise, and daily training. We pull a lot of the dogs from high kill shelters around California, and do take owner surrenders on special occasion. 

Our rescue is very small, volunteer, and foster based. We have no facility too keep our dogs, so we are limited on how many we can take in. We do our best to help when we can. We can also provide a lot of resources with owners struggling with their dog, as training, daycare, boarding, vaccines, or even the best diets for them. We also only run on donations, we couldn't do this without the donations we get in too care for the dogs. If you'd like to help with the rescue dogs, your donation is very much appreciated and it goes a long way.

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